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1 week ago

The pointy end.
500 fliers dropped this morn into the letterboxes of our cool PTB neighbours to let them know y'all be around the traps next weekend. Next weekend!! This little bit of neighbourly love always signals the countdown for us and we love it!

Nice to spot a couple of PTB lads out on the course too, Lucas and Cairn, go well next weekend. Next weekend!!

Thanks to our supportive friends HB Technologies for the mint photocopy job done on one of their whizz-bang machines.

We 💚 our neighbours.
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2 weeks ago

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We 💚 Hawke's Bay Technologies!

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2 weeks ago

Work with your IT team or IT services partner to mitigate the chances of this happening. It could affect you and your family. Scary!!!

Circuit Breaker
Should you put tape over your webcam?
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3 weeks ago

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