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Success Stories

Pan Pac relies on Hawke’s Bay Technologies to support key workflows relied on by over 350 permanent and 450 contractors at PanPac. ‘After suppliers were consolidated, Hawke’s Bay Technologies were chosen as the preferred, single supplier.’ says MD Duncan Wallace. ‘Our technology underpins their workflows’.

Every export and import document touches Hawke’s Bay Technology devices. From every shipping form to Occupational Safety and Health checklists are captured and passed along the workflow.

That makes Pan Pac more efficient across every office, Portacom and control room across their massively distributed regional locations. ‘There’s dozens of devices that keep the workflow going and each one helps fuel the Sharepoint system that powers our companies knowledge.

Peter Miller – CFO at Pan Pac couldn’t be happier since consolidating suppliers. ‘Before hand, there was an unnecessary level of complexity that cost us in lost productivity and frustration.

Hawke’s Bay Technology removed that and introduced a level of proactivity that delighted our staff.’ says Peter.