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Multi-Factor Authentication

Most of us have seen the banking security tokens that have been used to assist with logging into bank websites. This way, only the person with the token is able to log into the website, and anyone else that tries, is asked for the code, but obviously doesn’t have it. This is just one option for MFA.
HBT are implementing MFA for all customers with an Microsoft Office 365 account. This way, if a user has been using the same password for the work email, as well as other sites (eg: LinkedIn) and that login information is leaked into the dark web, even if a hacker tries to use these details with Office 365, they won’t be able to get access without the MFA Token.

Here are three different MFA options that can be used with Office 365. The first and best option is the Microsoft Authentication app. This will prompt you to accept the login, and you don’t have to enter a code. The second option is a text message to your mobile and you enter the details into the MFA window. Thirdly is a phone call to a pre-selected phone number, listen to the code and then enter it into the MFA window. None of the above options give HBT or Microsoft access to any of the devices or phones that are used for MFA.

As per usual, your HBT Account Manager will be making contact to discuss these options and get approval before we start implementing the changes to your systems.
By selecting one of the above MFA options you could prevent a breach and save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing a hacker from even gaining access to your company information.