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Restarting vs Shutting Down

Did you know that shutting your computer down is not the same as restarting it.  If we have issues or problems with computers, phones and other technology, often I.T. will ask you to restart the device.  Normally a restart of the device will clear out any issues and give you a fresh start.  With Microsoft Windows, this is exactly what happens when you restart the computer.  BUT… if you shut the computer down, it remembers as much as possible about what the computer has been doing, to give you a faster start time when you turn the computer on again.  So for all of us out there that thought we were giving our computers a good break by shutting them down, we have only been giving them half a break.
HBT’s advice is to give your computer a “Restart” at least once a week to help make sure your system is running as cleanly as possible.